Leading with the Intelligence of Love and Presence at Work

The highest form of intelligence is “Love” and the quality of a relationship is a measure of “True Intelligence” – simply put – Love Empowers

Embracing the true power of the heart and making love as your signature in this new decade – is a two step process for everyone:

Step 1: going deep within yourself embarking on a joyous journey of self-discovery and purpose to feel solid, fulfilled and connected to your core

Step 2: creating the climate for people around you to flourish enabling them to lead the way into new deep waters

Leading with the intelligence of love is about acting from a purer source and living intentionally from compassion, well-being and care for you, yours and the ones you lead – spreading it like a tree.

In the world of where products and services are design and experience centred, leadership must come from the source larger than yourself – tapping into the power of heart. The ability to integrate head and heart intelligence is becoming paramount for success in this decade.

Intelligence of love creates space for Collective Leadership work making corporate soil bounteous allowing Collective Leadership to become its DNA and flourish.

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