Owning our story and loving ourselves (and others) through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do – Brené Brown

It should be quite evident by now that I am a huge Brené Brown fan. Her work not only saved me from me but many others across the globe.

The title of this blog post is one the most famous quotes by Brené. I am using it as the blog title to distill it down further because it feels great to read and hear, but how does one know what does “owning your story means”, what exemplifies “loving yourself” and creating space for others to do so too? How can this be applied, not just in our personal lives but also in our professional lives?

Here’s what I have learn’t over the past decade – no do’s or don’ts just what I do

  1. I try to keep it simple – and by that I mean first writing down what exactly is important to me, and what am I asking for
  2. Mastering the art of asking for help, even if I am highly self assured, I am very open to other perspectives, even if it all means validating my own and that is fine. There are so many smart people, I ought to learn something new in talking things through
  3. I time box – for e.g. 3 emails and if the message is not coming across, I pick up the phone, 5 attempts to something I want to accomplish and if I am not on the path, I seek for a new path, new way to accomplish the same goal – as the saying goes, there are many roads to the same destination.
  4. I have learnt to be open with my weaknesses, vulnerabilities, what triggers uncomfortable emotions, how and when I function at my best. It helps me connect with everyone on a human level
  5. I am half introvert (many are), therefore my time with ME is sacred – it goes in the calendar too sometimes when I need to inform others
  6. Setting personal boundaries (while there are exceptions) – i.e. saying “No” and giving people around me the opportunity to say “No” – unabashedly, without guilt or shame – one of the most liberating thing to do
  7. Questions I often like to ask “What can I do to be of support?”, “How may I help?”
  8. If something it offered and I would like it then “Yes please, and thank you” – not more, not less
  9. I like to backward plan and this is how I operate, openly
  10. I meditate – transcendental meditation to be precise – helps me get closer to my sub-conscious mind and see patterns – and the ones not supporting, I try to break them one by one

My story for me is what makes me stay in my center, the adult I am now and what feeds my soul. Here’s to more leadership love and bravery

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