Leaders create the Weather – the Rain, the Snow, the Storm and the Sunshine

The way a Leader shows up physically or virtually creates the mood of that interaction and drives the team’s behavior which has cascading effects. That mood, tone of voice, greeting the team, body language, facial expression, interruptions and many such subtle verbal and non-verbal behaviours send strong signals of SAFETY or DANGER.

People buy into the Leader before anything else. The acceptance of a Leader by its team is half the job the done as then the team is focused on the outside battles of winning business.

Leadership Development is a $358B industry according to TrainingIndustry.com, and there aren’t enough effective leaders.

To my knowledge none of the leadership development programs (LDPs) have a dedicated intentional focus on three important things:

  • Internal Self Work and Comfort with Vulnerability
  • Prioritising Mental Well being for themselves and their organisations
  • Context and Application over case studies on great leadership

Leadership, in this context, is a verb: discovered in action and demonstrated in application


It is excellent to have great examples and learn from them. They are good for inspiration, courage and affirming our thought process – but what matters the most, what we are doing with our teams, how are we demonstrating the application of all the knowing, every day

Furthermore, while there is a huge emphasis on personality tests (strengths and weaknesses) and self awareness, both in leadership development programs inside the organizations and outside in the institutions delivering LDPs, however how to maximize one’s own potential with one’s own personality and strengths, doesn’t get enough attention and support.

One of my favourite leadership quote comes from Napoléon Bonaparte, a French military and political leader:

A Leader is a Dealer in hope

And it is every leader’s job to create that hope as Rain, Snow, Storm or Sunshine.

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